This space is happily reserved for the discussion of securitization and the financing of financial assets. We have been at it a while and look to share some of the insights we have picked up along the way, as well as those we traverse every day.

Initially, we will not only provide quick takes on recent developments, but also hit on some recurring puzzles, pitfalls and dilemmas concerning the monetization of financial assets. Legal and practical. We will plunge into tax, insolvency, bankruptcy & true sale, Investment Company Act, regulatory, servicing, accounting (including isolation, derecognition and consolidation), rating agency, securities laws & disclosure, UCC, special purpose entity, cross-border and other issues relevant to these transactions. Across all asset classes and structures. We will also provide information on upcoming events.

There is a lot to talk about and we should get going. Thanks for your interest in a few of our thoughts and some of what we have retained.